Kip Orlando's Men's Hairstyling

--a neighborhood barbershop--

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Kip and I have been friends since first grade. He's been cutting my hair since he started his Quincy barbershop over thirty years ago. I always get a fantastic haircut, always in style and just right for my age. It's always fun to visit Kip and catch up on all the old friends.  Mac (Paul McDonough)

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I've been getting my haircut at Kip's for years. Kip and his staff have always given me a great haircut with prompt and professional service. I get my haircut often and it's always a pleasure to visit his Quincy barbershop.    Paul Kennedy

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I've looked high and low for someone who can do a flat top right. When Kip's done with my flat top you can land a plane on it! I travel from Bidgewater to get my haircut and pass alot of barbershops on the way. When it comes to flat tops, Kip's the man!!!           Scott MacPerson

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Caline has been cutting my hair since she started working at Kip's. It's always a pleasure to visit Caline for an excellent haircut and enjoyable conversation. I always get compliments on my haircut.   Bill Geary